Inflatable Rubber Hood and Gag

Inflatable Rubber Hood and Gag

  • $224.25

Pump Up Your Bondage Scene With This High Quality Hood

Two ways to inflate this hood and gag combo make for a really intense rubber fetish experience. Both the hood and its built in gag are separately inflatable. An inflatable bladder inside the hood puts even pressure around the entire head when inflated. To apply more pressure, just keep pumping the rubber bulb. To release pressure, twist the release valve on the bulb. This allows for a very snug fit and provides an interesting sensory deprivation effect. What makes this hood more intense than our other rubber hoods is that it incorporates an inflatable rubber gag to fill the mouth. A breather tube goes through the gag allowing the wearer to breathe fresh air through the mouth. Deflated the gag measures 1" long by 1" wide and inflated it expands to over twice that size

Hood size is one size fits all and it designed for a snug fit. The latex rubber is very durable and stretchable. Corn starch can be used to help glide the hood over the head. Please note that this not one of those cheap mass produced hoods.

Special handling:
Packaging: Vacuum Sealed

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